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Dieselbrook – the story...

It's entirely possible that the first Dieselbrook seed was born on the primary school playground in the early 1980's, as this is where Deon Kretzchmar ("Diesel") and Stephan Brits ("Brooks") first became friends. After studying together at TUKS and later gathering 13 years industry experience respectively in various roles in the South African creative industry, the two decided it was time to go out on their own. Their objective? To offer clients everything bigger agencies can, in a smaller package, with less of the red tape, more value for money and a strong focus on building relationships.

What? When? How?

Pretoria based Dieselbrook Brand Consulting is a medium size brand consultancy offering clients the full range of brand strategy, design and advertising services. As a relatively young agency we are fortunate to boast an impressive list of clients and achievements, but we know we are only as good as our last campaign, and try not to pat ourselves on the back too much – we just hope that our clients continue to spread the good word on our behalf!

The Creative Team

Our success story is not entirely attributable to Deon and Stephan. Of course we know they are brilliant...perhaps even more so due to the fact that they have recruited a talented team, all of whom are university graduates who have studied design, visual communications and marketing – and more importantly, who see and embrace the bigger picture. In addition to our eleven over-achievers in the Pretoria office, we pride ourselves on our network of creative talent who add value to our processes, and who are of course thrilled to be included in the Dieselbrook Little Black Book. Turn the pages and you'll find Clearwater under C, Velocity under V, and a few more 'secret weapons' not only under S..

about us

who we are

The Way We Work

We like what we do, and yes, we're good at it too. What's the secret formula? Thinking, strategy, detail, business acumen, vision, talent, creativity, enthusiasm, a lot of passion and most importantly, we never get too big for our boots. Sure, we believe our work is award-worthy, but we are certainly not award-driven.

We do not pretend to understand our clients' business better than they do, and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we do understand it in order to interpret all briefs correctly. We speak the languages of branding, strategy and design, and have the uncanny ability to merge the three to get the message just right.

Corporate Culture

We are driven by results and grounded by our values. At Dieselbrook what you see is what you get.

We don't get the business and then slowly disengage ourselves from our clients. Just as we don't employ people and throw them in the deep end. We encourage our colleagues to be self-starters and motivated, and believe that we too can learn, not only from our clients, but also from co- workers.

In our relationships with clients, we remain the interface, and remain as involved with our clients as we promise on the first day we meet. Process and structure is important to us, but not to the extent that things get stuck in the system. We don't believe in stifling our creative urges, and believe that sometimes it's good to be in the moment – but never at the risk of missing a deadline.

As a company grows there is always the risk that the initial vision can fall by the way side, however we have tried to surround ourselves with people who subscribe to the same value system we do. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and family. We make it a point to sit down to lunch with our entire team as often as possible, and see this not as an employment perk, but rather as a way to ensure we all take a break together, to do a little bonding and get to know each other a little bit better.

Why Dieselbrook?

Easily accessible

We are never more than a phone call away. And we challenge our clients to test this fact!

Deliver quality consistently

At Dieselbrook we don't work in halves –no half-hearted efforts, no half- cocked ideas. We believe our clients deserve the full quality we know we're capable of delivering, and they have come to expect this from us.

Efficient approach to work

We believe in process and structure, but not to the extent that it stifles our ability to work creatively and efficiently. We understand the need for sustainable results and believe our work has longevity.

Industry know how

Our years of experience, talented team and fantastic pool of resources means that we know how to tackle and dissect a brief in the most efficient and effective way. We've been there, done that, however believe it's important to stay fresh and that we should always embrace new ideas - nothing scares us... apart from perhaps heights, spiders and the petrol price.


We buy into the necessity for constraints such as budgets, deadlines and guidelines. Our entire team understands marketing dynamics and we do not begrudge having to curtail our intense creativity to remain within brief, deliver on time and within the specified budget... Of course if we have a fantastic idea, we will tell our clients about it, but have not thrown a hissy fit to date due to lack of time or money.

Focus on building relationships

The foundation of a good relationship is trust...and time. We believe in building good relationships over time not only with our clients, but also with our colleagues, suppliers and our creative network. Our clients entrust us with their brands, and it's a responsibility we don't take lightly, and one we would like to carry for years to come.

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tel: +27 12 346 0667
fax: +2786 600 3323

Corner of 26th & Hazelwood Streets, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0081